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Events 2019:

West Country Game Fair 16th-17th Mar 2019

London Coffee Festival 28th-31st March 2019

EAT Weston Super Mare 13th April 2019

Mells Daffodil Festival 22nd Apr 2019

Porthleven Food Festival 26th-28th Apr 2019

Exeter Food and Drink Festival 5th-7th May 2018

EAT Castle Cary 4th May 2019

North Somerset Show 6th May 2019

EAT Taunton 4th May 2019

Devon County Show 16th-18th May 2019

EAT Burnham on Sea 25th May 2019

Bath and West 29th May-1st Jun 2019

Horningsham Village Fair 9th Jun 2019

Taste of Corsham 15th Jun 2019

Taste of London 13th-17th Jun 2019

Glastonbury 26th-30th Jun 2019

Pub in the Park Tunbridge Wells 12th-14th July 2019

EAT Crewkerne 20th July 2019

Sherborne Classic and Supercar Show 21st July 2019

Forde Abbey Summer Fair 25th Jul 2019

Nunney Street Fair 3rd Aug 2019

Great British Beer Festival 6th-10th Aug 2019

Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show 14th Aug 2019

Mid Somerset Show 18th Aug 2019

The Big Feastival 23rd-25th Aug 2019

Burghley Horse Trials 5th Sept – 8th Sept 2019

The Frome Cheese Show 14th Sept 2019

Abergavenny Food Festival 21st-22nd Sept 2019

Thame Food Festival 28th-29th Sept 2019

Newport Food and Drink Festival 5th Oct 2019

Wells Food Festival 13th Oct 2019

Dartmouth Food Festival 18th-20th Oct 2019

EAT Burnham On Sea 26th Oct 2019

Bath Christmas Market 27th Nov-15th Dec 2019

Events 2018:

Craft Beer Rising 22nd-24th Feb 2018

Bridgewater Lambing Day 18th Mar 2018

West Country Game Fair 17th-18th Mar 2018

Mells Daffodil Festival 2nd Apr 2018

London Coffee Festival 12-15th April 2018

Porthleven Food Festival 20th-22nd Apr 2018

Liverpool Food Festival 27th-29th Apr 2018

Exeter Food and Drink Festival 5th-7th May 2018

North Somerset Show 7th May 2018

Devizes Food Festival 12th May 2018

National Flower Show 18th-20th may 2018

Burnham-on-Sea Food Festival 26th May 2018

Kilmersdon Village Day 28th May 2018

Bath and West 30th May-2nd Jun 2018

Pub in the Park – Bath June 8th-10th 2018

Taste of London 13th-17th Jun 2018

Cardiff International Food & Drink Festival 6th-8th July 2018

Oxted Beer Festival 20th-22nd Jul 2018

Forde Abbey Summer Fair 26th Jul 2018

Nunney Street Fair 4th Aug 2018

Great British Beer Festival 7th-11th Aug 2018

Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show 15th Aug 2018

Mid Somerset Show 19th Aug 2018

The Big Feastival 23th-26th Aug 2018

Burghley Horse Trials 30th Aug – 2nd Sept 2018

The Frome Cheese Show 8th Sept 2018

Liverpool Food Festival 14th-16th Sept 2018

Taste of Timsbury 22nd Sept 2018

Thame Food Festival 29th-30th Sept 2018

Newport Food and Drink Festival 6th Oct 2018

Wells Food Festival 14th Oct 2018

Dartmouth Food Festival 19th-21st Oct 2018

Bath Christmas Market 22nd Nov-9th Dec 2018

Eat Festivals – Weston Super Mare 15th Dec 2018

Wells Christmas Market 19th-22nd Dec 2018

Events 2017:

Love Food Festival 12th Feb 2017

Craft Beer Rising 23rd-25th Feb 2017

Bridgewater Lambing Day 19th Mar 2017

West Country Game Fair 18th-19th Mar 2017

Codford Spring Artisan Market 25th Mar 2017

RHS Cardiff 7th-9th Apr 2017

Liverpool Food Festival 15th-16th Apr 2017

Mells Daffodil Festival 17th Apr 2017

Porthleven Food Festival 21st-23rd Apr 2017

Exeter Food and Drink Festival 29th April – 1st May 2017

North Somerset Show 1st May 2017

Badminton Horse Trials 3rd-7th May 2017

Devizes Food Festival 13th May 2017

Bradford on Avon Day of Dance 20th May 2017 (!)

Burnham-on-Sea Food Festival 27th May 2017

Kilmersdon Village Day 29th May 2017

Bath and West 31st May-3rd Jun 2017

South of England Show 8th-10th Jun 2017

Horningsham Village Fair 11th Jun 2017

Taste of London 14th-18th Jun 2017

Glastonbury 20th-25th Jun 2017

City Beerfest July 6th 2017

Yeovilton Air Show July 8th 2017

Cardiff International Food & Drink Festival 14th-16th July 2017

Oxted Beer Festival 14th-16th Jul 2017

Forde Abbey Summer Fair 27th Jul 2017

Ramblin Man 28th-30th Jul 2017

Nunney Street Fair 5th Aug 2017

Glastonbury Extravaganza 5th Aug 2017

Great British Beer Festival 8th-12th Aug 2017

Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show 16th Aug 2017

Mid Somerset Show 20th Aug 2017

Buckham Fair 20th Aug 2017

The Big Feastival 25th-27th Aug 2016

Burghley Horse Trials 31st Aug – 3rd Sept 2017

The Frome Cheese Show 9th Sept 2017

Liverpool Food Festival 15th-17th Sept 2017

Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival 21st-23rd Sept 2017

Taste of Timsbury 23rd Sept 2017

Wells Food Festival 8th Oct 2017

The Chocolate Show 13th-15th Oct 2017

Dartmouth Food Festival 20th-22nd Oct 2017

Burnham-on-Sea Food Festival 21st Oct 2017

Cheltenham November Meeting 17th-19th Nov 2017

Bath Christmas Market 23rd Nov-10th Dec 2017


Events 2016:

BBC 6 Music Festival 12th-14th Feb 2016

Love Food Festival 14th Feb 2016

Shaftesbury Snowdrop Festival 21st Feb 2016

Craft Beer Rising 26th-27th Feb 2016

Bridgewater Lambing Day 13th Mar 2016

Taste of Bath 16th Mar 2016

Frome Beer Festival 18th-19th Mar 2016

West Country Game Fair 19th-20th Mar 2016

Taste Chocolate 26th-27th Mar 2016

Mells Daffodil Festival 28th Mar 2016

RHS Cardiff 15th-17th Apr 2016

Exeter Food and Drink Festival 22nd-24th April 2016

Bristol Food Connections 29th Apr-2nd May 2016

North Somerset Show 2nd May 2016

Badminton Horse Trials 4th-8th May 2016

Devizes Food Festival 14th May 2016

Arnos Vale Spring Fair 15th May 2016

Burnham-on-Sea Food Festival 28th May 2016

River Cottage Spring Festival 28th-30th May 2016

Bruton Packhorse Fair 30th May 2016

Kilmersdon Village Day 30th May 2016

Bath and West 1st-4th Jun 2016

Cheltenham Food and Drink Festival 10th-12th Jun 2016

Collett Park Festival 11th Jun 2016

Taste of London 15th-19th Jun 2016

Horatio’s Garden Food Fair 19th Jun 2016

Bath Festival of Nature 25th Jun 2016

Sutton Poyntz Street Fayre 26th Jun 2016

Frome Feast 2nd July 2016

The Cotswold Show 2nd-3rd Jul 2016

Hauser & Wirth Summer Party 2nd-3rd Jul 2016

City Beerfest July 6th 2016

Cardiff International Food & Drink Festival 8th-10th July 2016

Bristol Harbour Festival 15th-17th Jul 2016

Classics at the Castle 17th Jul 2016

New Wine 23rd-29th Jul 2016

Forde Abbey Summer Fair 28th Jul 2016

Wilderness Festival 4th-7th Aug 2016

Nunney Street Fair 3rd Aug 2016

Great British Beer Festival 9th-13th Aug 2016

Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show 17th Aug 2016

Soul Survivor 19th-23rd Aug 2016

The Big Feastival 26th-28th Aug 2016

Burghley Horse Trials 1st-4th Sept 2016

The Frome Cheese Show 10th Sept 2016

Frampton Country Fair 11th Sept 2016

Liverpool Food Festival 17th-18th Sept 2016

Weston Super Food Festival 17th-18th Sept 2016

Taste of Timsbury 17th Sept 2016

Wells Food Festival 9th Oct 2016

The Chocolate Show 14th-16th Oct 2016

Dartmouth Food Festival 21st-23rd Oct 2016

Burnham-on-Sea Food Festival 22nd Oct 2016

Marlborough Feast of Food 23rd Oct 2016

Love Food – Bristol Paintworks 30th Oct 2016

BBC Good Food London 11th-13th Nov 2016

Bath Christmas Market 24th Nov-11th Dec 2016

Events 2015:

The Destinations Show –  29th Jan-Feb 1st 2015

Love Food – Bristol Paintworks 15th Feb 2015

Craft Beer Rising 19th-22nd Feb 2015

Ideal Home Show –  20th Mar-6th Apr 2015

West Country Game Fair 21st-22nd March 2015

Love Food – Bristol Paintworks 29th March 2015

Mells Daffodil Festival 6th April 2015

Newbury Flower Show  – 10th-12th Apr 2015

RHS Cardiff – 17th-19th April 2015

Exeter Food and Drink Festival 24th-26th April 2015

BBC Food Connections, Bristol Harbourside – 2nd-4th May 2015

North Somerset Show – 4th May 2015 

Badminton Horse Trials 6th-10th May 2015

Marlborough Food Festival May 16th-17th 2015

Syon Park Foodies Festival 23rd-25th 2015

Bath and West Show – 27th-30th May 2015

Wilton Classic and Supercar Show 6th-7th June 2015

BBC Good Food Show Summer 11th-14th Jun 2015

Taste of London 17th-21st Jun 2015    

Connaught Village Festival – 24th Jun 2015

Goodwood Festival of Speed 26th-28th Jun 2015

RHS Hampton Court 30th Jun-5th Jul 2015

Cardiff International Food & Drink Festival 10th-12th July 2015

Latitude 16th-19th July 2015

Cider House Rising 24th-25th July 2015

Clapham Common Foodies Festival 24th-26th July 2015

Forde Abbey Summer Fair 30th July 2015

Nunney Street Fayre 1st Aug 2015

Wilderness Festival 6th-9th Aug 2015

Great British Beer Festival 11th-15th Aug 2015

Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show 19th Aug 2015

V Festival South (VIP area) 22nd-23rd Aug 2015

The Big Feastival 27th-30th Aug 2015

Burghley Horse Trials 3rd-6th Sept 2015

Confor Woodland Show 10th-11th Sept 2015

The Frome Cheese Show 12th Sept 2015

The Frampton Country Fair -13th Sept 2015

The Upton Cheyney Chilli Festival 12th-13th Sept 2015

Liverpool Food Festival 19th-20th Sept 2015

Weston Super Food Festival 26th-27th Sept 2015

Cake and Bake Show 2nd-4th Oct 2015

The Bath Feast 7th-31st Oct 2015

Wells Food Festival 11th Oct 2015

The Chocolate Show 16th-18th Oct 2015

Dartmouth Food Festival 23rd-25th Oct 2015

Kilver Court Harvest Fair – 24th Oct 2015

Love Food – Bristol Paintworks 25th Oct 2015

Burnham on Sea Food and Drink Festival 31st Oct 2015

Spirit of Christmas  2nd-8th Nov 2015

BBC Good Food Show London 13th-15th Nov 2015

Gloucester Quays Victorian Market 19th-22nd Nov 2015

BBC Good Food Show Winter  26th-29th Nov 2015

Gloucester Quays Festive Fayre 11th-13th Dec 2015

Kilver Court Christmas Fair – 13th Dec 2015

Bath Southgate Christmas Market 7th Nov-24th Dec 2015

Events 2014:

Craft Beer Rising – Feb 21st-23rd 2014

The Ideal Home Show – March 14th-30th 2014

Cake and Bake Show Manchester – April 4th-6th 2014

Chester Food, Drink and Lifestyle Festival – April 19th-21st 2014

Horniman Museum Easter Fair – April 19th-20th 2014

Bristol Food Connections – May 5th 2014

Marble Hill Foodies Festival – May 24th-26th 2014

Royal Bath and West Show – May 28th-31st 2014

Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival – June 5th-7th 2014

Clapham Common Foodies Festival – Jun 6th-8th 2014

BBC Good Food Show Summer – Jun 12th-15th 2014

Taste of London – June 18th-22nd 2014

Connaught Village Festival – June 25th 2014

Loseley Park Food Festival – June 28th-29th 2014

City Beerfest July 3rd 2014

The Dig For Victory Show – July 5th-6th 2014

Sudeley Castle Food Festival – July 11th-13th 2014

Latitude – July 17th-20th 2014

Secret Garden Party -July 24th-27th 2014

Camp Bestival – July 31st – Aug 3rd 2014

Nunney Street Fayre – Aug 3rd 2014

Wilderness – Aug 7th-10th 2014

V Festival (Hylands Park) – Aug 16th-17th 2014

Treefest at Westonbirt National Arboretum – Aug 23rd-25th 2014

The Big Feastival – Aug 28th-31st 2014

Bestival – 4th-7th Sept 2014

The Moreton in Marsh Show – Sept 6th 2014

Indie Beer Can Festival – Sept 11th 2014

The Frome Agricultural and Cheese Show   – Sept 13th 2014

The Frampton Country Fair – Sept 14th 2014

Liverpool Food and Drink Festival Sept 19th-21st 2014

Love Food at Dyrham Park – Sept 28th 2014

Cake and Bake Show London – Oct 3rd-5th 2014

Wells Food Festival – Oct 12th 2014

Newark Robin Hood Game and Country Fair – Oct 18th-19th 2014

Horniman Museum Halloween Fair – Oct 25th-26th 2014

BBC Good Food Cakes and Bakes Show – Oct 24th -26th 2014

Alexandra Palace Firework Display – Nov 1st 2014

Spirit of Christmas – Nov 4th-9th 2014

BBC Good Food Show London Nov 14th-16th 2014

Taste of Christmas – Nov 20th-23rd 2014

BBC Good Food Show Winter – Nov 26th-30th 2014

Horniman Christmas Fair Dec 6th-7th 2014

Salisbury Christmas Market – Dec 14th-20th 2014

Events 2013:

Craft Beer Rising – 22nd/23rd Feb 2013

UCL Variety Show – Feb 26th 2013!/p/variety.html

Pop-up Pie Kitchen in association with Urban Woot – March 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th March 201

Chester Food, Drink and Lifestyle Festival – March 30th/31st and April 1st 2013

The Real Food Festival, South Bank – May 3rd-6th 2013

The Foodie Show, Dorset – May 10th-12th 2013

Dairy Art Centre, Bloomsbury – May 17th

Hampton Court Foodies Festival – May 25th-27th 2013

We are FSTVL – May 25th 2013

The London Nocturne, Smithfield Market – June 8th

Stamford Feast – June 9th 2013

Bloomsbury Summer Fete – June 14th 2013

Connaught Village Festival – June 19th 2013

Rock Oyster Festival, Cornwall, June 21st-23rd 2013

Blissfields, Hants – July 5th-7th 2013

Glynde Food Festival – July 13th-14th 2013

The Penn Festival, Bucks – July 19th-21st 2013

Secret Garden Party 25th-28th July 2013!/home/

Fieldview Festival, Wilts – Aug 2nd-4th 2013

Wilderness Festival, Oxon – Aug 9th-11th 2013

Folk East Festival – Aug 23rd-25th 2013

The Big Feastival – 30th/31st Aug, 1st Sept 2013

Liverpool Food and Drink Festival – 7th/8th Sept 2013

Brook Green Day – Sept 14th 2013

Barnes Food Fair – Sept 21st 2013

Alexandra Palace Fireworks Display – Nov 2nd 2013

Craft Beer Social Club – Nov 8th  2013

BBC Good Food Show London – Nov 15th-17th 2013

Taste of Christmas – Nov 21st-24th  2013

Horniman Museum Christmas Fair – Dec 7th-8th 2013

Handmade Christmas – Dec 13th-15th 2013

Events we attended in 2012:

Sands End Jubilee Street Party – 20th May 2012

Westfield Shopping Centre (Outside Shepherds Bush tube station)   12-15th Jul 2012, 10am-6pm’s_Bush_tube_station

The Pylewell Park Food and Drink Festival 21st+22nd July

Wilderness Festival – 10th-12th Aug 2012

Folk East Festival – 24th-26th Aug 2012

Westfield Shopping Centre (Outside Shepherds Bush tube station)   27th-30th Sept 2012, 10am-6pm’s_Bush_tube_station

Coldfall Woods Woodland Funday Oct 7th 2012

Westfield Shopping Centre (Outside Shepherds Bush tube station) Oct 31st/Nov 1st+2nd 2012 9am-5pm’s_Bush_tube_station

Teddington Farmers Market (one-off) – Teddington Health and Social Care Centre, Nov 25th 10am-2pm

Rupert Street Christmas Market, Soho W1D London. Every Mon/Tues/Fri between Nov 26th and Dec 22nd 2012, 8am-7pm. Also Weds 28th/Thurs 29th Nov.

Broadgate Christmas Market, 11th-13th Dec 8am-2pm.

Camden Christmas Night Market 20th Dec 5pm-10pm

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