2016! Hello there…

Happy New year everyone! I know, it’s a bit late but there we go. We’ve been on holiday for a few weeks, ticking along with our wholesale orders and a few markets, catching up with friends and family. I love January for that. Stillness, planning for the year ahead, country walks…

That’s all over now though, we have some pretty hefty events approaching. Tomorrow in fact – we’ve been asked to trade at the BBC 6 Music Festival, so if you were lucky enough to book tickets, we’ll see you down at Motion nightclub, the epicentre of the event, where we’ll be having a lot of fun. What an event to kick-start the year, I hope I have a moment to nip out and see Kurt Vile and Steve Mason…. In a few weeks Craft Beer Rising takes place at the Old Truman Brewery in London – the perfect antidote to February. If you need to have a good blowout I suggest you book a ticket and come along for an evening of music food and lots and lots of beer. It too also sells out quickly so get on it sooner rather than later…

Talking of events, if you go on our event page on the website you’ll see that we’ve updated our calendar for 2016:


You’ll notice that we’ve concentrated our affairs fairly strongly on the old South-West. Working on that whole work/life balance… Not to worry though to all those who enjoy our sausage rolls further afield, we’ll be returning to many of our old favourite events across the country. By the way, we only put up the events on this page that we have officially confirmed – so this list will be updated fairly regularly. Interesting new ones include being invited to trade at River Cottage for their big Spring Fair, that’ll be one to look forward to.

Wholesale is the big push this year though. We have a steady growing list of happy sausage roll customers both local and far away and we have interested parties in touch every few days which is very nice. It seems that the Great Taste awards we won last year have helped a lot with our sales. Remember that we run a free nationwide home delivery service across the country so if you want very good sausage rolls made with the best, happiest high welfare pork on the planet (and chicken) served in your local deli/pub/shop, then put them in touch with us or vice versa.

On a personal note it’s all change too. Laura is on maternity after having a little girl called Vivienne a few weeks ago – she’ll be back in November. Lucy is in the office much more now, generally organising the place – my desk has never looked so tidy! She’s also rocking the best sun-tan of all time after a month in Goa. Polly and I are getting married in a few months (at last), Kerry is taking the kitchen by storm, Georgie keeps bossing me about, and big Al is just… well Big Al. Some things never change.

See you soon

James x

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