Festival helpers needed for the summer!


So the festival season, although it has already begun, really kicks off from late June, right until the very beginning of September. We are going to need people to come and give us a hand, so if you fancy free tickets to any of these events in exchange for a little casual work then get in touch!


Bullet point information:

1. You’ll be expected to work roughly 5 hours a day (depending on the festival), and then the rest of the day off. Hours of work will be decided by James! Larger ones might well require more hours. To be honest though, these festivals will be fairly easygoing affairs as far as you’re concerned, and consist of serving the customers, giving out tasters, setting up the stall and clearing it down.

2. If you confirm a festival, then we would expect you to honour your commitment. Backing out a week before/last minute really hampers us, as we have to waste valuable time looking for other people, and our time in July and August will be at a premium.

3. Consider bringing a friend/partner along with you – we’ll be busy most of the time.

4. Own transport is needed unless otherwise stated. Although we should have space for one more person in the van though having said that.

5. If you’re keen send me an email to info@ljhorners.com with the email title : ‘I WANT TO WORK AT:  ***name of festival***’

6.Well, that’s kind of it! The small festivals will be perfect opportunities for taking it easy, while the bigger ones should be fantastic memorable events. Either way, you should have a lot of fun.


So the festivals!

1. Rock Oyster Festival – 20th-23rd June http://www.rockoysterfestival.co.uk/

I have room for 2 people in the van for this one, so ideal for a couple who’d like to get away for a long weekend to Cornwall. It’ll be a lovely easygoing weekend as it’s only a small festival. I can probably manage on my own for most of the time, so not too much work to do. (2 SPACES AVAILABLE)


2. Blissfields 4th-7th July http://blissfields.co.uk/

I will be setting up this festival, but my assistant Tomasz will be in charge of this – I have a stag-do to run! There are 3 spare tickets for this little festival, it’s near Winchester and is VERY well reviewed – a little gem. One person will be helping Tomasz out at all times. Good for a group of 3 friends so two people can always pair off when not working. (3 SPACES AVAILABLE)


3. Penn Festival 20th-21st July http://www.pennfestival.com/

Great little festival in Buckinghamshire with a fantastic Sunday lineup! Eddie and The Hot Rods, The Beat and Kilburn and The High Roads! 4 tickets available – perfect for a group of friends who dont want to take the time off work, the campsite opens at 4pm on the Friday but the festival is only on for the Saturday and Sunday. (4 SPACES AVAILABLE)


4. Secret Garden Party 24th-29th July http://www.secretgardenparty.com/#!/home/

This is the big one for us – we’ll be there for almost 6 days. I havent heard anyone say anything other than it’s the best festival ever, completely off the wall. Tomasz and I will be working flat out, and we will need two dedicated helpers. It’ll be big. (2 SPACES AVAILABLE – TBC)


5. Fieldview Festival 1st-4th August http://fieldviewfestival.co.uk/

After the mayhem of Secret Garden party, we’ll be taking it a little easier at Fieldview. only 2500 people, it’ll be intimate and straightforward – especially with 3 helpers. Like Blissfields, good for a group of 3 friends so two people can pair off when not working. A dark horse for discovery of the summer.. (3 SPACES AVAILABLE)


6. Wilderness 8th-12th August http://www.wildernessfestival.com/

..and then back on it for Wilderness! This is a personal favourite of mine – we had a stormer here last year. Food and ‘The Arts’ take centre stage alongside the music. People have cottoned on to it this year, it’s grown, and will be another big one! 4 dedicated helpers needed (4 SPACES AVAILABLE)

7.FolkEast 23rd-25th August http://www.folkeast.co.uk/

After a much needed week off we’ll be making our way to the lovely FolkEast. It’s not all real ale and Morris Dancing although I’m happy to say that there’ll be a lot of that, there’s loads to do for all the family – the most child friendly festival I’ve been to. The people are lovely, the lineup looks great, and there’ll be loads of weird and wonderful characters. (2 SPACES AVAILABLE)

8. The Big Feastival Aug 30th – Sept 1st http://www.jamieoliver.com/thebigfeastival/

After a week off, this’ll be the last big one of the summer for us. It’s all about the food really – a gluttons delight. Although I’ve just seen the line up and Mark Owen is booked in to showcase his new material. It’ll be intense, and a total blast. 3 dedicated helpers needed. (3 SPACES AVAILABLE TBC)




2 Responses to Festival helpers needed for the summer!

  1. Patrick mckeown September 19, 2013 at 11:56 am #

    Thanks for some fine food at the big feastaval
    got our tickets for2014
    Do you remember me
    I’m the guy from Yorkshire with the champagne on Saturday evening
    Hope to see you next year
    Patrick j mckeown

    • Little Jack Horners September 19, 2013 at 3:12 pm #

      We’ll be there Patrick, just booked our stall – thanks for getting in touch. Glad you enjoyed them!

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