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Have we got a recipe for you!

Have we got a recipe for you: Our very special seasonal pheasant, partridge and mushroom combo. It’s so good. You can buy them wholesale if you run a business, But if you are a hungry individual then snap them up through our website, at our many stockists, at the Food Assembly (for Frome people) and […]

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New Sausage Roll Recipes!

Here are some sausage rolls! New recipes in fact, and they’ll be available to try as of tomorrow at the Farmers Markets. On the left we have a Chicken and Mushroom, in the middle is an -ahem- gluten free Pork and Sage, and the normal Pork and Sage on the right…. More recipes to follow […]

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Sausage Roll Photo’s

So the Sausage Rolls are proving a big success amongst customers… being jumbo-sized and perfect for a mid-morning snack! As they have such a blossoming fanbase I thought it would only be proper to add a few photo’s of their production…. Pre-baking: …and ready for market! –

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New Recipe! Rabbit, Bacon, Pea and Mint

That’s right! ..and it’s very tasty too. Everyone should eat more rabbit – wild rabbit that is, as opposed to the blander farmed animals. Why farm animals that are so abundant? Apparently rabbits eat more grass in the UK than sheep do. Time to alter that statistic. So the current recipes you can purchase at […]

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Summer Recipes are back!

Hello, So with the Summer months approaching, you’d think it’d be a tough time for selling pies… But you’d be mistaken! For our range of summer pies will be out in force as of this weekend, adapted perfectly for hot weather.. well, except for the Steak and Ale pie. That’s simply needed for 12 months of the […]

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March Market Dates

Hello, Here are the market dates for March – a big thanks to all the familiar and unfamiliar faces who’ve been coming down over the past month, be it drizzly or gale force winds! Fingers crossed there’ll be some fresh sunny early spring weather around the corner… James Sat. March 5th: PARLIAMENT HILL Sun, […]

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New Pheasant Recipe

Hello – So there’s a new festive recipe that’ll be available as of this Saturday which I hope you’ll enjoy – Pheasant, Butternut Squash, Sage and Walnut. This will be taking the place of the Chicken, Lemon, Red Onion and New Potato recipe – time for a change I think!Naturally it’ll be available in single, […]

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Summer Pudding

Hello! For the final three weekends I’m trading this summer before I go on my break, I thought it would be nice to make a much-loved family favourite pudding to sell alongside the pies. So Summer Pudding will be making a fleeting and welcome appearance at the markets as of Saturday.  They will be sold […]

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New Summer Recipes

Hello, I hope everybody has been enjoying the weather! It’s been 27/28 degrees in London and absolutely sweltering at the farmers markets – good to see potted pies are still popular at this time of year! However it’s time for a change for the summer as far as recipes are concerned, with the Gammon and […]

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