Banging a drum for Squirrels and Hares

Hello all,

Really pleased to see that that the new markets have been so well frequented – many thanks to the people of Balham and Parsons Green for their support, and also for their appreciation of the pies and the jumbo sausage rolls!

I’m very into Game at the moment. I’m trying not to let it take over the selection of recipes I have available at the markets, but I’m finding it difficult. There’s something about the direct relationship with a wild/semi-wild animal and your plate/pie-tin that really resonates with me, there’s less interference and middlemen involved. I do think that these days as a society we’re too dislocated from the natural world, and far too sniffy about trying new things. It’ll be interesting to see the faces of some the regulars when I present them with a Squirrel pie. It’ll only be on occasionally as there’s only so many that you can catch in a week. I do hope people are open minded about trying it. Hare too. We’ll see! There’s also a lovely new vegetarian recipe which I strongly recommend, and a beautiful vension recipe. Hope you enjoy them.

Current Recipes:
Slow Cooked Hare with Carrots, Leeks, Celery, Juniper and Cloves
Venison, Roast Shallot and Mushroom
Squirrel, Beer, Prunes and Pearl Barley
Chicken, Bacon, Leek, Split Pea and Rosemary
Crown Prince Pumpkin, Spinach, Cream and Garlic

See you at market!


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  1. Anonymous December 17, 2011 at 8:22 pm #

    Hi James. It was nice to meet you at Parliament Hill market today. I’ve just eaten your squirrel pie and it was gorgeous! Very tasty and the meat was very tender. I would happily eat squirrel again – keep on banging that drum!

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